Congratulations! It’s a Blog!!!

So, my mother has one of these blogs.  I mean if my mom is “blogging” then I think by law I have to blog too.  Right?

Anyway, I have been doing a lot of searching as of late.  Digging around inside!  Trying to figure life out.  Trying to answer some of life’s tougher questions.  One conclusion I’ve come to is that people, especially young professionals, such as myself, spend far to much time building resumes, chasing wealth, and worrying about worldly things that really have very little importance.  I mean, they’re important but in a temporary sense. 

I was listening to a podcast the other day.  The speaker read a letter written around 1861, during our Civil War.  It was a letter from a Union soldier to his wife.  In his correspondence he expressed his love for her with such beauty and tenderness.  With gentlemanly words he told his own fait.  He explained he was not going to be returning to her.  He was to give his life in the Battle of Bull Run, Battle of Manassas.  The young man explained that he believed he was fighting for his country.  No regrets to be found in any of the ink on the page.  It was poetic.  He ended by telling his love that he would see her in heaven and with the use of words something along the lines of, ‘know that every time you feel a brush of air upon your cheek on the cooling autumn nights, it’s my lips kissing you goodnight.’  I thought of my wife and my love for her.  I thought of my country and my love of it.  I thought of heaven and God and what life was all about.  The point is I thought!

I really feel like we have gotten off track somehow.  Our thinking has became, well, it’s become self centered.  I don’t mean that in the sense that we all think about our selves or that we’re selfish.  I mean that we have lost track of the bigger question.   I would like to address these big questions here.  I’d like to have a place in space to fill with my thoughts on life.  Try to seek the answers to the big QUESTIONS.   I’d like to put my thoughts down and track my progress, who knows maybe it might help someone someday.  So, with that I would like to introduce my very first blog!!!



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3 responses to “Congratulations! It’s a Blog!!!

  1. nanis

    Jon, this is wonderful. I think some of the very best writing comes from asking questions. That you have figured this out bodes well for the writing you will do here.
    I think, too, that you are right about life today. We seem to have lost track of the pleasures available in every day, not just in those “special” occasions. I am personally working on correcting that in myself.

  2. clare stella

    it is very easy to get lost in this world of conspicuous consumption,isn’t it? it is in asking the bigger questions that we learn what is important. at my age, i realize that we are so lucky in so many ways that it’s foolish to waste even one minute thinking about what we don’t have. i look forward to reading more of your blog.

  3. Great stuff brother,

    I’ll be dropping by when I can.

    God Bless,

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