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  1. John

    It was so good to read your blog. It was also very refreshing to hear a young person express appreciation and a sincere thankfulness to God for this gift of life that so many of us take for granted. I totally agree that we as a whole have sort of lost site of the big picture and what truly is important. Your reference to that civil war letter could not express more the sacrifices that our young soldiers are making for us today and how many of us take that for granted. Those young people giving up their lives and loved ones so that we may enjoy our freedoms as other soldiers did in order to secured these privileges for us.
    As I grow older I realize more the importance of our family and how precious that is. That was something my mother and dad always preached to us. Don’t ever lose sight of that.
    I need to get back to work but thank you for sharing a very real portrait of yourself as a young man trying to understand and differentiate what really matters in his life and who cares enough to make a difference.

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