Thank you!

Thank you Lord for all the gifts you have given to me today.  Thank you for all I have seen, heard and received.  Thank you for the water that woke me up, the soap that smells so good, the toothpaste that refreshes.  Thank you for the clothes that protect us, for their color and their style.  Thank you for the newspaper so faithfully there every weekend, for the comics and for my morning smile.  And yes Boo, thank you for the coupons.  Thank you for useful meetings, for justice done and for the big games won.  Thank you for the Red Sox.  Thank you for the municipal garbage truck and the men who run it, for their morning shouts and all the early morning noises.  Thank you for my work, the tools and my efforts.  Thank you for the tool in my hand, the steel biting into it.  And for the satisfied look of the foreman, for the load of finished pieces. Thank you for Rheanna, my wife, who is forever there and for Todd who shares The Word with me, for Ricky of whom with in I see so much of me. Thank you for Bonnie and Sisanda, my African friends for inspiring and shrinking the world.  Thank you for the welcoming streets that led me here, for the shop windows, for the cars and the passers by. For all the life that flowed swiftly between the windowed walls of the houses.  Thank you for food that sustains me for the diet 7-Up that refreshes me.  Thank you for the car that neatly took me to where I wanted to be, for the fuel that made it go, for the wind that caressed my face, for the trees that nodded to be on the way.  Thank you for the street closure and for the traffic it caused, for the thoughts of my dogs, and for their grinning faces when they play.  Thank you for their unconditional love.  Thank you for smiles and nods of the head.  Thank you for my mother who welcomes me at home and for her tactful affection, for her silent presence.  Thank you for the roof that shelters me and the lamps that light me, for the i-pod that plays, for the news, for music, and for singing.   Thank you for the tranquil night, thank you for stars Lord, and thank you too for silence.  Thank you for the time you’ve given me Lord, for life, for grace and for just being there.  Thank you now for listening to me and taking me seriously, for gathering my gifts in Your hands to offering them to Your Father.  Thank you Lord. Thank you.
(Thank you to Ravi Zacharias for inspiring this)





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2 responses to “Thank you!

  1. nanis

    Oh, wow, this is wonderful. Gratitude for all that you have can keep one from getting caught up in the craziness of life. And how lucky we are!

    I most especially love how you describe the dogs, smiling as they play. And your love for Rheanna is so evident. She is lucky, too, you know, to have you!

    I look forward to reading more of your musings. I love you, Pal.

  2. clare stella

    i am incredibly impressed with your beautiful writing, jon, and for the depth of your gratitude and love. you are a remarkable young man! i look forward to reading more.

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