Really, Oprah?

Okay, can I just start of my saying something?  Just to get it off my chest!  I can not stand Oprah!  I have never been a fan of hers.  She just creeps me out, it’s weird!!  I’m expecting an alien to jump out of her mouth or something.  I know she donates a lot of money.  The school she founded and funded in Africa, minus that scandal involving the teacher, is a wonderful thing.  Her new reality TV show is disgusting, as is all reality television!!  Some of the things she is saying and some of the books she’s getting behind are concerning.  I’m fairly certain she isn’t a terrible person but I for one reason or another can’t stand her.  I’ll work on that!!!


In the mean time I’d like to talk about the new series of web-casts following the chapters of the book “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle.  This was brought to my attention by my wife who forwarded me a link to this,  New Age Oprah!! 


Please understand that when I see things like this my mind right away says “Come on!!  Give me a break!!”  What’s with the voice over.  Why did they mention Obama?  To me this video screams AGENDA!!!  Not that I don’t agree with a lot of what is said about “A New Earth” and it’s teachings but, it was kind of funny to watch.  In writing Rhea a response to this a light bulb went off!  Blog topic, sweet!!!


I have watched a multiple of these web-casts and have to say it’s pretty troubling.  This book, and a few others Oprah has endorsed lately are a little scary.  From watching the videos this is my understanding of what is being taught.   1. There is a power with-in and source of this power that is sometimes neglected by the individual leading to a need to go elsewhere for that power, like latching on to someone or turning to God.  2. The ego plays different roles and manipulates people to get what it thinks it needs.  3. People should try and focus on living in “the now” and by living in the now you are able to take your focuses away from your problems and just live in the moment with reduced stress.  4. Being one with what he or she is feeling is building the new Earth and a new awakening.  5. There is a personal power within us that can either be good or bad!! 


On the surface these all sound great.  They actually all go along with many of the teachings of Jesus and he was a good guy, so the book has to be OK.  Right?  Well, actually wrong!  It’s for that very reason they are so dangerous and manipulative.  We are living in very turbulent times, especially in the United States.  Historically during times of change or turmoil people tend to polarize themselves.  They gravitate toward either fundamentalism or a personal, spiritual experience (New Age is it’s modern term).  Today the later of the two seems to be the most popular, in which I would categorize “A New World”.  These are not new thoughts by any means and have been around for hundreds of years.  With the lack of any membership list or dogma this is very appealing to people who have either been turned off by or had a bad experience with religion, mainly Christianity.


These beliefs tend to blend many different religious ideologies together while holding that there is only one basic principle or belief as grounds for reality.  At the same time denying God a personality and blending God into nature or the universe.  In short they are syncretistic, monistic and pantheistic all at the same time (dictionaries are fantastic).  Eckhart Tolle and Oprah are holding that all of reality is basically one.  There is a oneness among everything.  This leads to the thought that we are one with each other and at one with nature and at one with the universe and… one with God.  Everything is divine and there are no real distinction between anything then everything is… God.  We are… God.  Shirley Maclaine but it this way “I am God, because all energy is plugged in to the same source… We are individualized reelections of the God source.  God is us and we are God”


Please know that I am not condemning this thinking, or judging it as wrong.  I in fact think that the reason for Oprah’s support of this and other new age books is a perfectly acceptable reaction to a shallow and watered-down religious life we so often find in our society today.  That said also please understand that while Eckhart Tolle and Oprah long for the depth and freedom to believe in everything, what they end up finding is the exact opposite.  They will find that their theology, and this is a theology, and spirituality are completely separated.  By their thinking their very own search for the light or life’s meaning can begin and end anywhere which can only conclude in finding neither depth nor freedom and complete darkness.  In the process they are leading so many others down the same path.


As I said this type of thinking isn’t by any means new.  What is new is that it used to be that early “New Age” movements, or mystics actually sought an authentic experience of faith as a result of an already dynamic understanding of that faith.  It was their theology in and of itself that led them to spirituality.  Today’s New Age followers are missing that understanding of their faith and theology finding an empty spirituality and lack of light.  Plainly, they are seeking with out really knowing exactly what it is that they are looking for.


For me, my search begins with Light itself, God unobscured and incomprehensible, revealed only through the glory of Jesus.  I now it sounds “super religious” but hang in here, it makes complete sense.  Starting with the question of light, or life’s meaning, and relying on only proven truths I began a quest to find the answers to life’s questions, light.  I have found that there is a source of that light and He is the light of the world, God!


Often times people subscribe to New Age ideologies because of a preconceived notion that Christianity is un-bending, strict, stuck in it’s ways.  They don’t understand that it is the exact opposite.  Christianity has been viewed through a fogged lens for far to long, portrayed by the media and sceptics as something it really isn’t. Unfortionatly it’s far to often Christianity is defined by the actions of self professed Christians who are not walking with God and truely trying to seek out the truths of life, not following the teachings of Jesus.  Maybe New Age seekers or non-Christians don’t understand that there is a fantastic, awesome tradition of seeking within Christianity.  A tradition which began when humans recognized that we alone can not fix everything that is wrong with the world.  It continues to this day because of the knowledge that there is no one who can, no matter who much you tame your ego or live in “The Now”.  There will always be problems and focusing on the self isn’t the answer.  We have forever been seeking an answer to why we are here, we will forever be questioning and feeling a longing in our souls for answers to life.   For me, my relationship with God is so much more than the self discovery and personal freedom promised by “A new Earth” and the like.  It is a praise to God and in turn is life it self!!


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4 responses to “Really, Oprah?

  1. Amy Fitzgerald

    What do you think of the the newest book in sort of the same genre as the secret and a new earth but yet its not because it is motivational not mystical and gives tools on how the mind works? It doesn’t tell people what religion they ought to believe and it doesnt take people away from Christianity, its titled “Free Mind Free Body” by D R Boisse it offers something A New Earth does not. And it demonstrates how we are stuck behind our own self limitations by our beliefs while the author Boisse recognizes a person’s beliefs are their choice and it just gives you insight on how your mind works. I bought paperback on Amazon and ebook is at

    Warm regards,



    Thanks so much for reading my posting. I’ve only very briefly had the opportunity to look into “Free Mind Free Body” so I have a limited understanding of what it entails. From what I have read it looks like a very positive, uplifting book. I also think that it promotes turning inward to solve life’s challenges and focusing on the self. One comment on the books web site reads, “I have never had more control over my mind and body…”. It seems like there are a lot of “Me’s” and “My’s” in there as well. “My ability to understand my inner world and the control I now have over my emotions and feelings continues to excite me”. This is where we can get into some trouble. I think we have to do the exact opposite, we have to “die to the self” in order to truly experience life. We should be giving control of our lives to Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t tell you not to read “Free Mind Free Body”. You along with countless others may find it very inspirational and relevant. I will however say that this book will at best provide a temporary fix and in the end will not come close to answering the real questions that are in your soul. I would also suggest maybe taking a look at a book on Christianity and the teachings of Jesus too. I think if people are searching for themselves and for answers to life’s biggest questions the words of Jesus Christ provide the answers and giving yourself to Jesus is the solution.

    I will look further into this book though, it looks interesting. Thank you again for the comment.


  2. Beth

    Your mom told me you had a blog and I think it’s great that you are writing and you write quite quite well.
    Im confused about this post though. Don’t get me wrong- I also think Oprah has some….misgivings to put it lightly but I’m not sure I understand what you are saying. It seems like you are saying what she and that other man in the video are talking about is wrong (to a degree. I know you said you agree with some parts) but im confused as to what you think is wrong?
    What is different between your religious beliefs and what she is talking about? From what you said here…they kind of sound the same? Didn’t know if youd be interested in posting another blog about your beliefs- I’d be very interested to read it.
    Your cousin 🙂 Beth

  3. jonjonjon

    Beth, what a great suggestion you have!! I’ve sat down a number of times to write about what it is I believe. It always gets to be way, way to long but that will be my next posting I think. For now maybe this can satisfy your questions.

    Simply put I’m a Christian. I believe in Jesus Christ and his resurrection, along with God and the Holy Spirit. That is the main issue I have with Oprah and this book. It focuses on the individual as the path to enlightenment and at most pushes God to the outer edges. I believe God and Jesus should be the center of all we do.

    If you want to read a fantastic book about Christianity and it’s not to heavy I highly recommend “Velvet Elvis” by Rob Bell. He does a wonderful job of describing my core beliefs and out look. I actually just sent a copy to my sister.

  4. nanis

    I need to spend some time reading this slowly to absorb it. You and I may differ in our beliefs, but don’t you think it all comes down to the same thing? Be good people and care for one another. Appreciate what you have, and what is here for us. Live each day fully.

    As to writers like Tolle, they are simply giving people what they want: a recipe to feel better.

    As I said, I will reread, and comment further.

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