I believe…

What Are My Beliefs?


My cousin Beth posted a comment to my last entry asking what it is I believe.  I have been trying to write an answer to my beliefs for some time now.  It seems that each time I sit down to write, the words fly out the end of my figures like fireflies.  Before I know it three complete pages of my thoughts and reasons for them are staring back at me from the computer screen.  And I’m not even close to half way done.  So, in order to post something fairly brief and to the point I am going to try and relate my core beliefs.  For now there will be no defense of these beliefs, just plainly stated opinions on my faith.


I believe that there is an eternal, personal, all-powerful God.  God is self-existent.  God created and up holds the universe and everything in it.  The universe had a beginning (probably The Big Bang) and therefore a creator.  God is and has been forever.  God has a personality and is personal and therefore answers my prayers.  God is not a force or some cosmic energy.  God is not nature or the universe itself.  God is a singular loving, caring being.  We humans are made in the likeness of God.  This means God has feelings and laughs and cries and loves us all, no matter what!!  This also means that we have a uniqueness, value and dignity. 


The grand miracle at the very heart of my belief system is the fact that God came to us here on earth in human form as Jesus Christ.  It is through his miracles and his resurrection from the dead in particular that bear witness.


I believe in the bible and in her gospels.  In his letter to the Romans Paul wrote “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes” (Rom. 1:16).  It is through God that we can be free of our guilt.  Not everyone goes to heaven.  The bible humbles me!  More people should read and be humbled by the bible.


I believe science affirms my beliefs!  I believe that if science did not affirm my beliefs then all serous scientists would be atheists.  Bill Phillips and Francis Collins are only three among many credible men of science who are Christians.  Galileo, Kepler, Pascal, Newton, Pasteur were all believers.  Their belief in God served as their inspiration not hindrance to their science. Yes, Galileo was a man of God.  He firmly believed in the scriptures both before and after the Inquisition.  (This is when I get off course!  I have to remember this is not a defense of my faith!!)  Science will never answer the “why question” we all share, why are we here?


There is a reason for my being!!  I have a purpose to fulfill!!!  Eternity starts here and now, continuing into heaven.  We should be actively trying to bring heaven to Earth while we are living instead of actively living to get to heaven when we die.


Most of all I believe God is good!!  He has done more for me than I can ever do for him but that’s okay because the only thing He wants is my faithful belief. 



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2 responses to “I believe…

  1. David G

    Good stuff Jon, I like it! I’ve thought that about science too. It seems to me that scientists, if they could humble themselves, should be some of the strongest believers around. How could you look at the intelligent design of our word and not recognize a creator behind it? Its like a food critic analyzing a well designed meal and then not respecting Wolfgang Puck for creating everything in it. Blows me away!

  2. nanis

    Interesting and interestinger.

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