When God Refreshes the Heart of an Apologist

This is a great piece about growth as an apologist.

Melissa Cain Travis

There are several hard lessons that you learn in the early years of apologetics training:

1. You know WAY less than you thought you knew, and tragically, there isn’t enough time in the average life span to read ALL THE BOOKS.

2. Learning philosophy is like learning a foreign language–one that contains another foreign language.

3. It is a bad idea to engage Angry Internet Atheists (AIAs) without a great deal of apologetics training under your belt, and sometimes even then. Save your breath and your sanity.

4. The war is against the Enemy, not fellow mankind. We’re on the most important infiltration mission ever, and the smoke, the grit, and the sting of Enemy fire is often discouraging and exhausting. Practicing public apologetics, in particular, is a bold invitation for spiritual warfare. Incessant prayer required.


5. We won’t frequently see how God ultimately uses our work in…

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